Kelly Take Paws

 Kelly Turnbull,CTB.ccs is a certified Hamilton, Ontario based Dog Trainer,Canine Behaviour Therapist and Aggression specialist. Kelly is a member of the Canadian Association of  Professional Pet Dog Trainers and Doggone Safe which provides dog bite prevention education. Using positive and reinforcement based training methods, her passion is to take misunderstood canines and help them become the amazing human companions they are meant to be.

Many natural canine behaviours are misinterpreted by people causing undesirable behaviour to be exacerbated by well-meaning owners. Kelly strives to be the bridge between these misunderstandings creating a strong human/canine bond where there was once confusion and frustration on both sides.

Along with having experience as a dog walker and canine swim therapist, Kelly has worked in several veterinary hospitals and works with various animal shelters and rescues doing behavioural assessments and aiding in training foster dogs. She spends much of her free time reading and studying canine behaviour and training methods through workshops and seminars. Along with her weekly Blog, Kelly is a behaviour columnist for CAPPDT's quarterly newsletter.

Kelly currently lives in Toronto with her adopted canine mix Linda and her adopted cat, Miss Mew.

What people have to say about Kelly...

You have a very special gift with animals. We have been blessed with your help, demeanour and work ethic and for that we are grateful.

- Dr. Allen Corber

Kelly was terrific with my dog Banjo and I would certainly recommend her to anyone. Banjo can be difficult as he is a rescue dog with a lot of fear. Kelly was very good with him and had no problem learning about his particular triggers and needs.

-Nat R

Kelly is truly amazing - her energy is just perfect for me and my dog - She's calm and grounded.

- Racheal A

My dog Dozer has mild anxiety and can be a little hard to handle if you don't stay calm and positive around him, but when I met up with Kelly for a meet'n'greet            I could tell she was cut out for the job.

- Mohd C

I could tell Romy was very happy and comfortable with Kelly, which was a definite first as he can get quite nervous around new people. I'm so glad we found Kelly.  - Zhara J